Hearts & Hands

Welcome to Hearts & Hands

Hearts & Hands is an organization of volunteers, who offer free healing. Everyone is welcome.

Hearts & Hands:

  • Our purpose is to offer free healing and through this provide help to self healing
  • We are not connected to any religion or spiritual direction. Our aim is non-political. We trust that every individual who comes to us will find the inspiration he or she needs. We welcome everyone in the need of healing
  • Our organization consists of therapists and healers, who volunteer their time and services free of charge
  • The Hearts & Hands healers work under confidentiality, anonymously and in silence
  • When you receive healing in Hearts & Hands you will therefore not be given any advice, guidance, diagnosis or clairvoyant messages. You will just receive healing in silence
  • Every healer in Hearts & Hands works within a code of conduct and a common set of ethical guidelines
  • Hearts & Hands exists on the basis of donations
  • Hearts & Hands was established in 2003 at the initiative of Lars Muhl

Read Code of Conduct or download pdf

Read Ethical guidelines or download pdf

A Hearts & Hands therapist comes in silence, heals in silence and leaves in silence.

If you are a volunteer in Hearts & Hands, and you want to receive information from the board, you need to sign up as distant healer.

Distant healing every day


Thursday d. 23. May 2019
Næstved: Personal healing
Friday d. 24. May 2019
Saturday d. 25. May 2019
Sunday d. 26. May 2019
Monday d. 27. May 2019
Tuesday d. 28. May 2019
Wednesday d. 29. May 2019
Copenhagen: Personal healing
Thursday d. 30. May 2019
Friday d. 31. May 2019
Saturday d. 1. June 2019
Sunday d. 2. June 2019
Monday d. 3. June 2019
Århus: Personal healing
Skive: Personal healing
Tuesday d. 4. June 2019
Wednesday d. 5. June 2019
Copenhagen: Personal healing