Procedure for accepting a new healer in an established healing centre

Every contact to Hearts and Hands, be it by mail or phone, must be forwarded to the coordinator of the local healing centre, to ensure that correct information is given about the forthcoming process to become a healer and that the healing centre is responsible for the further process.

Here is a description of the process

Accepting a new healer in established healing centre

Get in touch with the coordinator of the healing centre relevant for you. He/she will inform you of their relevant procedures. We encourage the new healer to visit and participate in one of the established healing centers at least twice. The first time to have the experience of what it means to be a recipient of healing on equal terms with other visitors to the centre. The second time to join in healing with the healers, giving healing to visitors to the centre.

We also ask that the new healer reads

All of which you will find here:

If you still are interested and can agree to our values and how we work, then we can continue our journey together. The next step in the process will be arranged with the coordinator.
When becoming a part of Hearts & Hands, we suggest that you also sign up as a distant healer. In that way you will automatically be on the mailing list to receive invites to gatherings, newsletters and information from the board.

On behalf of the board,
Kindest regards
Rikke Hedeman
T: 4058 7207

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