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Hearts and Hands respects your rights to privacy, and we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore please only provide the minimum information needed in order for us to provide distant healing, that is to say your first name (or a pseudonym) and a description of what you want to be healed for. Please do not give personal information in the open text field. Personal information is any kind of information that could lead to the identification of who you are from the details provided.


Distant healing every day


Tuesday d. 12. November 2019
Wednesday d. 13. November 2019
Copenhagen: Personal healing
Thursday d. 14. November 2019
Friday d. 15. November 2019
Saturday d. 16. November 2019
Sunday d. 17. November 2019
Monday d. 18. November 2019
Århus: Personal healing
Skive: Personal healing
Tuesday d. 19. November 2019
Wednesday d. 20. November 2019
Copenhagen: Personal healing
Roskilde: Personal healing
Thursday d. 21. November 2019
Friday d. 22. November 2019
Saturday d. 23. November 2019
Sunday d. 24. November 2019
Monday d. 25. November 2019