Personal Healing

Do you want personal healing? 

Hearts & Hands offers healing free of charge weekly in our centers:

Healing takes place in silence.
You must be 18 or accompanied by an adult.
Healing takes place at your own full responsibility.

Do you wish to become a healer in one of the healing centers?

Then it is a precondition that you are a professional healer with experience of working with clients.
If you are interested or have questions then call the contact person of the centre for further details and a chat.

Distant healing every day


Thursday d. 23. May 2019
Næstved: Personal healing
Friday d. 24. May 2019
Saturday d. 25. May 2019
Sunday d. 26. May 2019
Monday d. 27. May 2019
Tuesday d. 28. May 2019
Wednesday d. 29. May 2019
Copenhagen: Personal healing
Thursday d. 30. May 2019
Friday d. 31. May 2019
Saturday d. 1. June 2019
Sunday d. 2. June 2019
Monday d. 3. June 2019
Århus: Personal healing
Skive: Personal healing
Tuesday d. 4. June 2019
Wednesday d. 5. June 2019
Copenhagen: Personal healing