Welcome as a distant healer

At Hearts & Hands we are happy to bid you welcome as one of us! Together we can do more and help more then we could if we worked on our own. Maybe you are an experienced healer or maybe not, but whatever your background we trust you will find the following inspiration to be helpful. There is not one correct way to do distant healing that works for every one. Everyone must find out their own form and content. Therefore the following text is only to be thought of as good advice and inspiration for getting started.

Regular times, but no compulsion
We keep regular times, 9.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m., where we tune in and send healing every day. In this way we ensure the most powerful effect. Our clients also have the opportunity to tune in twice a day and participate in the process themselves at the same times. However, there is no compulsion for the distant healer or the client to participate at these times. Perhaps it is only possible to join in once a day. There can be days when you have other things to do. And there is nothing wrong with skipping a day once in a while. That could, in fact, be advisable.

Centering and attentiveness
Normally we are not aware of our own breathing. This could be called unconscious breathing. When we conduct distant healing, it is important to be centered in conscious breathing. That is to say that we are conscious about the power we receive through our breath. Through this we become attentive to the healing work on hand. Here is a simple suggestion on how to become conscious about your breath in order to centre your attention.

Conscious breathing:

  1. Focus on your breathing, and breathe deeply, drawing your breath a couple of times from right down in your stomach.
  2. Imagine you are breathing in and out through your heart, when you breathe in then think: “I am” and while you breathe out then think: “Love”.

Sending what is true
Every week all distant healers receive an updated healing list through e-mail. When you sit with this list of names, while breathing consciously, you can choose to tune into each client individually or focus on them all at once, using a prayer such as this:

Heavenly source of all being
Take up your dwelling in this person with all your power
Drive away illness and fill this person with new life.
I give thanks for this taking plac

Experience shows that it pays to be as precise and simple in your prayer requests as possible. The result is not improved by long formulations directed towards the client, as this can often present an opening for too many personal concerns. So simplicity and precision are what are most effective. You can also choose to use healing light, if it suits you better. When you sit with the list of names of the clients, and remain centered in conscious breathing, you can imagine you are sending golden light to the clients, either individually or to all at once, while you think or say: “May the healing light find a path, wherever there is a need”. Once you are done, then give thanks for this taking place. The result is not improved by detailed conceptions about various colours of light or the desire for the light to work on certain chakras or parts of the body. Quite the opposite. The light will go where it is needed and when you think of sending the light, then this is enough for it to take place.

Weariness and a sense of drought
Distant healing can be an important daily centering activity for those who perform it. After a period of time then every distant healer can still feel psychological or physical weariness or a sense of drought. This is completely normal. It is in many ways a lonely job. Some periods can be filled with a sense of transcendence, and one can feel great happiness while sending or after one has sent distant healing. Other periods can feel more tiring. This can lead to sense of doubt. In a situation like this it is important to realise that ones work is still important and not superflous. Still, sometimes it can be a good idea to allow oneself a break.

Why do we participate in this work? 
Who are we? Why do we choose to participate in healing work? Every day we must be willing
to ask these questions and have the courage to look at our motives. Every day there is a choice
between choosing the high road or the low road. The little difference with the large effect.


Dear unknown friend.
By participating in the work of Hearts & Hands you have chosen to make a difference. It could be that this choice doesn’t feel important right now, but you can be sure that the effect is greater than any preconception we might have about it. Some years ago a journalist visited the abbot at one of the monasteries on the peninsular of Athos in Greece, where approximately 5000 monks live.

“What do you do here”, the journalist asked.
“We pray for world peace”, the abbot answered
The journalist looked incredulously at the cleric
“Then your prayers cannot be all that strong, for the world is in flames”
The eyes of the abbot lit up the room. Then he answered:
“Young man, what do you think the world would look like”, if we didn’t pray?

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