Code of conduct

As a new therapist at a healing centre or as street-healer

To be a HH therapist then one must, in a conversation with the therapist in charge, demonstrate that one has practical, therapeutical experience and that one recognizes the purpose of HH and the Code of Conduct.

The therapeutic work

HH therapists offer to help others in need without conditions for this help. The work is voluntary and without pay. As therapist you work anonymously and are bound to observe professional secrecy.


Therapists in HH offer healing through the laying-on of hands as well as their presence and prayer. The therapists in HH do not offer diagnoses, clairvoyancy or other forms of counselling. The length of each session is targetted to be 10 to 20 minutes.

Be aware that…

It is not helpful to become personally attached to a client, just as it is not admissible to incorporate or promote private therapeutic practises when working for Hearts and Hands.

Clients who are deemed to be under the influence of drink and/or drugs are refused access in a kind and firm manner, and are urged to come again when sober. Clients who take medicinal drugs are to be treated like all other clients. In certain critical circumstances it can then be advisable for therapists to work in pairs.

Coordinators for healing centres

Each healing centre has a therapist in charge, who in cases of doubt can guide the other therapists. The therapist in charge also conducts conversations with new therapists. All therapists in the Healing Centres share responsibility for that the work takes place within the guidelines laid down by Hearts and Hands.

When we meet before healing in the healing centres

Before the sessions start, the therapists convene in a common ritual in order to concentrate the Healing energy. This is the energy that we surrender to and which is used during the sessions. In relation to this energy then the individual therapist’s personal feelings and sensations are then unimportant. The common ritual can be a sound-meditation, or another kind of common meditation to focus on the upcoming event. 

Assemblies in Hearts and Hands

Therapists meet regularly for assemblies to share their experiences and inspire one another personally and professionally. The ethical guidelines and Code of Conduct are to be held by everyone in Hearts and Hands. 

Points of advice

A session is instigated with a very short conversation, whose only purpose is to get the client to relax and feel comfortable. The therapist may present themselves by name, and explain to the client what is going to happen, but he or she must not dwell on the client’s ailment, as this will nurture the “pain body” and give further energy to the client’s problems.

The therapist knows that it is through the powers called upon that the healing process works, more than it has anything to do with the therapist’s personal abilities, feelings and sensations. The HH-therapist simply places him or herself at the disposal of the ever present heavenly powers. Directly after the healing has taken place, the therapist takes leave of the client, and trusts that the healing has been sucessful and that it now just needs to be left to work.

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