Ethical guidelines


In adherement to this agreement with the Humanitarian Organization Hearts & Hands (HH), and without remuneration, I undertake to put my abilities at the disposal of people who might need help through healing.

I agree with the statement that HH is universal in the sense that my faith or tradition are irrelevant in this service.

I agree with the statement that the activities of HH are not an alternative to any existing treatment, but must be seen as complemetary.

I agree to keep all knowledge about the clients that I might receive through my service as strictly confidential.

I accept to work anonymously and agree to the conditions that I may not use my service to promote private therapy.

Distant healing every day


Monday d. 22. July 2019
Tuesday d. 23. July 2019
Wednesday d. 24. July 2019
Thursday d. 25. July 2019
Friday d. 26. July 2019
Saturday d. 27. July 2019
Sunday d. 28. July 2019
Monday d. 29. July 2019
Tuesday d. 30. July 2019
Wednesday d. 31. July 2019
Thursday d. 1. August 2019
Friday d. 2. August 2019
Saturday d. 3. August 2019
Sunday d. 4. August 2019